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DBA = Doing Business As

Companies that operate as a numbered company typically use a DBA name to communicate to the public. If your company uses a DBA, please enter it in the business profile section. It will be used in the email template to your customers.

All information provided is held in strictest confidence.

The information provided’s sole purpose is to compare your results with other businesses with similar parameters. Without this information, you will not be able to properly benchmark your results over time. | FEATURE COMING SOON

No, these fields are not mandatory within the registration process. However, we highly recommend inputting the information, as it will provide the ability to benchmark your business.

Only Executive Users can access, view and edit this information within your business' WOMOhub.

Limited Users will not be able to see the information in that section. Rest assured, executive users control who can access this confidential information.

Business Category information is used to benchmark a business against the aggregated data of several businesses based on their category or groups of categories. WOMO uses the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard categorization system used to classify business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing and publishing statistical data.

It consists of 6-digit codes to categorize all business types in North America and it was developed jointly by Statistics Canada, the U.S. Economic Classification Policy Committee (ECPC) and Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia.

Similar to the Business Category information, the Association details will be used to benchmark businesses against samples of other businesses that are members of the same Association. | FEATURE COMING SOON

No, a WOMO representative will contact you one-week prior to your trial's expiration date to confirm whether you'd like to continue using WOMO Add-ons.

When the free trial period or your contract period has ended, the Marketing Add-on Features such as Alerts, Reviews, etc. will be disabled. Although, rest assured that all Basic WOMOhub Features remain active for lifetime usage.

At this time our system does not support multiple location data tracking under one account. Therefore, to properly track this data, each location must be registered with its own unique account.

No problem, simply go to the WOMOhub log-in page and click on the “Forget your password” link. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and shortly after you’ll receive an email with instructions to reset your password.